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2011-12-14 14:14

  导语:圣诞节马上就要到啦~\(≧▽≦)/~童鞋们打算怎么度过呀?小盆友们打算置备什么样的圣诞礼物呀?玩具?娃娃?知道吗?玩具们也想要圣诞礼物呢,赶快随外语教育网小编一起来看看玩具们的圣诞礼物是什么吧(*^__^*) ……

Toy general mobilization An Di is the child which extremely cherishes the toy. He hasyoung mischievous egg gentleman, saves money the pot young pig ham,the spring dog and holds the dragon. But he most likes the toy iscowboy Hu which can call enlightens.


The peaceful younger brother assoon as pulls behind him the line, he can call: "Creaking sound!" Butcouldn't the peaceful younger brother how also think, so long as he assoon as leaves the room, all toys can move. The peaceful younger brother whole families all are preparing to move,but they or extracted the time for An Dikai the birthday party.

Thetoys very were all restless, are afraid the new toy to replace theirposition. Hu Di is their head son, which gifts did he order two soldiers toreconnoiter the peaceful younger brother to receive. But the gift toohave been many, they cannot remember.

After the party ended, Captain An Diba a best gift - Buss light yearbrings to go upstairs. That is the toy astronaut. But the Buss thoughtoneself is not the toy, but is a genuine astronaut. He lifts the fistin the room to run while shouted that, "I must arrive the star to comeup!" Hu Di wants to dispel Buss's this stupid idea, but has notsucceeded. After a while, An Di and mother must go to "the Pisa planet" to play.An Dizhi an energy band toy goes. Hu enlightens in order to strive forto this only quota of people, decided lays aside the Buss. He hasplayed a trick: He lets the Buss rescue a card under table toy, wantsto seize the opportunity the Buss to hide under the table. When he isin the way when the desk lamp moves out of the way, had not thoughtthe desk lamp bumped into the Buss, the Buss has fallen from thewindow!

"Hu Diba the Buss pushed down!" Small mischievous egg gentleman isangry said that, other toys also all start to blame Hu to enlighten."I am not intend! Please believe me!" Hu Di said to everybody. Butnobody pays attention to him, the toys one each one silently got outof the way. The peaceful younger brother cannot find the Buss, belt Hu enlightened"the Pisa planet". On just about to starts in the vehicle, the Bussfrom the grove jumped, after has held the vehicle bumper. The vehiclestarted. Mother stops the vehicle in the gas station refuels.

Bussleaves while An Di and mother when jumps to the vehicle in and Huenlightens wrestles. Two rolled under the vehicle. Thevehicle started, two people were scared. "This all blames you!" Hu Diblames the Buss. In order to was not discovered by the others, Hu Di and the Buss havehidden. Luckily "Pisa planet" the delivery car has started, theysecretly jumped in the vehicle. To "the Pisa planet", they haveeverywhere looked for the peaceful younger brother, but actually isheld by a toy crane. Hopes the German - An Di's neighbor, does not cherish the toy thechild, caught Hu Dihe the Buss. "Hey, caught two all of a sudden!" Hehappily is shouting.

Hu Di and the Buss want to look for a safe place to hide, but hopesGermany dog Si Codd everywhere pursues them to run all over the place."We must separate!" The Buss said. Hu Dicang arrived the storeroom,the Buss has run watched the television the room. Hopes Germany very quickly to bring them to go home. Hu Di and theBuss discovered that, hoped Germany all to break up all toys, theninstalled grotesquely them. A grotesque toy always is entangling them."Sorry, we cannot stay behind eat meal!" Hu Di called out, he and theBuss hurried to escape has hoped German the room. In the television is broadcasting the toy Buss light year theadvertisement. The Buss now at last understood that, Hu Di is right,he is only a toy!

The Buss to airborne jumps - he to hope can fly! Buthe has been defeated, moreover fell broke the right arm. Hopes Germanythe younger sister Chinese had elegantly discovered he, leads him toin hers room. In the room all is the baby which the Greece Germanyspoils does not have the head. Hu enlightened has finally rescued the Buss. They return to hopeGerman the room. Hu Di look arounds, the friends to the window outsidewhich sees in the street opposite peaceful younger brother room."Feeds, friends! Helps us!" He shouts. The toys had not all forgottenhow Hu Di treats the Buss, they have not paid attention to him. Also has too bad! These grotesque toys have sphered them! "Gets out ofthe way, your these devils!" Hu enlightens loudly shouts.

Actually these toys certainly do not have the evil intention, theyonly are want the arm which falls the Buss breaks to install. Hoped Germany to return to in the room. Hu Dizhi can eagerly look heties up a rocket in Buss's carrying on the back. He really mustdeliver the Buss the space to go. "Comes up to the star!" HopesGermany to shout. Lucky was rains, hopes Germany to have to postpone"the launch" the plan. Will have to move tomorrow, but Hu Di and the Buss disappeared, An Diextremely worried. "We cannot like this throw them in here!" An Diinwardly said in front of going to sleep. After a while, he enteredthe dreamland. In hopes German in the room, the unfortunate Buss said to oneself that, "I only am a useless toy, uselesstoy…… …… "

"Feeds, you like this! An Di and I all likes you!" HuDipeng the Buss hard helmet loudly was saying to him. In this moment,Hu Di had understood, the Buss also is his friend. But the Buss isalso enlightened by Hu the sincere words to move, he restored has beenself-confident. The second day morning, Hu Diba these grotesque toys all convene thesame place. "We must rescue the Buss." He said.

On his hoping Germanyto prepare launches the Buss ascends the sky, the toys have surroundedhe. "Does not have you to treat the Buss like this, later you willhave to treat the toy well!" Hu Di and the toys to hope Germanyseverely to say. Hoped Germany to frighten escapes.

The toys won! HuDi and the Buss have obtained the freedom. By now, they saw moves thetruck started from the peaceful younger brother main house gate. Hu Di and the Buss jumped up an attire battery toy vehicle. CheXiangjian equally flushes away to front. "A bit faster, again a bitfaster!" Hu Di shouts. On shortly must catch up with the truck in themtime, electricity. The critical moment, Hu enlightened the resourcefulplace the rocket which Buss carried on the back, they flew. "Hey, we flew, Buss!" Hu Di is cheering.

They fly very much high arevery quick, finally happen to fell on the truck! An Di saw these twohe has most liked the toy came back, happily hugs them in the bosom.Hu Di and the Buss finally had also understood, the friendship canbring the true joy to the person.

After several months, Christmas day arrived, toys anxiously hoped seesthe peaceful younger brother's new toy. "Other fear," Hu Di said tothe Buss that, "An Dihuan can obtain compares you better toy?" After awhile, the toys had the answer - is only the genuine puppy! Everybodyis all excited cheers.























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