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2013-06-21 13:50

导语:6月5日,正在墨西哥进行国事访问的国家主席习近平在墨西哥参议院发表题为《促进共同发展 共创美好未来》的演讲,他在演讲中还特别提到自己是足球迷,强调中国足球一直在努力。下面是外语教育网为大家精心汇编的此次演讲的双语全文,希望对您的英语学习有所帮助,

促进共同发展 共创美好未来——在墨西哥参议院的演讲

Seek Common Development to Create a Better Future




Your Excellency Mr. Ricardo Anaya, President of the Permanent Commission of Congress,

Members of Congress,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Dear Friends,


Good morning. It gives me great pleasure to address the Mexican Senate and exchange views with members of the Mexican Congress today.


I wish to take this opportunity to express, on behalf of the Chinese government and people, warm greetings and best wishes to members of Congress and people from all sectors of the Mexican society who have long been committed to friendship with China and to the friendly and hospitable people of Mexico.


Last April, President Peńa Nieto paid an official visit to China and attended the Annual Conference of Boao Forum for Asia, on which occasion President Peńa and I reached important agreement on closer China-Mexico relations in new circumstances. At that time, President Peńa kindly invited me to visit Mexico, which I gladly accepted. I think it is important that we build on the positive momentum to boost the growth of China-Mexico relations.


I visited Mexico in 2009. Today, four years later, it gives me great pleasure and a surge of warm feelings to be back in this beautiful and magnificent country.


There is a saying in China, “home away from home”. It means that a guest in a new place feels very much at home. This is exactly how I feel now in Mexico.


China and Mexico have a long history of interactions. On my way to Mexico, when I looked down at the vast Pacific Ocean through the window of the plane, I felt as if I saw the fleet of La Nao de China, giant ships fully loaded with silk and porcelain, braving the surging waves and moving towards Acapulco centuries ago. When I set foot on this land, I felt as if I saw the legendary Chinese Poblana, a kind-hearted and beautiful girl, teaching locals how to weave and embroider in Puebla.


I am visiting Mexico this time to enhance friendship, expand cooperation and jointly map out the blueprint for China-Mexico relations together with Mexican leaders.


Ladies and Gentlemen,

Dear Friends,


Mexico is a country with a time-honored civilization. The Mayan pyramids and Aztec Sun Calendar both stand testimony to the splendor of your ancient civilization.


The fresco of Diego Rivera, the master of contemporary art, and the classic works of Octavio Paz, the towering figure in literature, both speak to the profound insight of the Mexican people about the real world and human life.


Today’s Mexico enjoys rapid economic growth, greater national strength and international influence. From the UN Climate Change Conference in Cancun to the G20 Summit in Los Cabos, a dynamic Mexico has time and again captured the eyes of the world.


We congratulate Mexico on its achievements and wish Mexico even bigger progress in national development.


Ladies and Gentlemen,

Dear Friends,


In the long course of history, both the Chinese and Mexican people have created a splendid culture and made indelible contribution to human progress.


There is a proverb in Latin America, “Condition of good friends, condition of old wine.” The friendship between China and Mexico, which has grown from one generation to another, is like a bottle of aged Tequila, brimming with ever fresh fragrance with the passage of time.


In the more recent history, China and Mexico have supported each other in both words and actions in seeking national liberation, upholding state sovereignty and advancing modernization.


Today, China and Mexico are both moving onto a fast-track of economic and social development and embracing a promising future. There is an unprecedented opportunity for our two countries to further advance bilateral relations.


During my visit, I have had a very good talk with President Peńa. And just now, I met with President Anaya of the Permanent Commission and President Arroyo of the Chamber of Deputies.


We agree that in growing China-Mexico relations, we should not only focus on bilateral cooperation, but also adopt a global vision. Therefore, President Peńa and I have decided to elevate our bilateral relationship to a comprehensive strategic partnership, to the benefit of continued growth of China-Mexico relations at a higher level, in a broader scope and on a bigger platform, and usher our relations into a new stage of development.

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